Sunday, February 6, 2011

baby steps

I was inspired to blog by a friend of mine starting hers....................and so it goes. I don't have much to say today, but I am tired of snow. I like snow, but in Tulsa they just don't understand how to handle it, nor do the residents understand how to get around safely. One needs to drive slow, but if you don't feel safe, get off the road. Stay at home.I know you may be tired of staying at home, but look at it this way, you won't be hurt, or stuck , and you are safe and warm. I have been having fun watching my cats. They are confused. We have all been home more often, and it's WHITE outside. They watch out the windows constantly. When they look at me it's with the expression of : can you fix this?:   I wish I could.

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  1. Could be worse, Barb. Portland OR has *3*, count them *3* snowplows. For the whole town. Roughly a million people, with a ridge of hills (1000'), two rivers, and a dormant volcano. When it snows, it's nearly always followed by a couple inches of solid ice. The city grinds to a halt. And what have we got? The equivalent of a toy shovel. :-P

    (PS Welcome to Blogger!)